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breaking out of and rewiring from years of classical violin and vocal technique, mike formed his first band, sons of trout.  a decade plus of touring, recording, and popular success ensued.  signed to gallo records (warner music), mike piled in and out of tour buses, together with this groundbreaking band, broadcasting the 90s cape town sound and spirit in south africa and abroad.  eight years ago mike settled in ny, where he released three albums with his new band mikanic

mike’s lifetime of musical diversity ensures creative and original compositions that are deeply textured and always emotionally charged.  he progressively combines his music programming savvy with a host of interesting influences derived from years of collaborating with phenomenal musicians from all over the world.  his versatility and breadth enable him to produce powerful pieces that commit the audience to the message.  through his boutique studio, mike provides original music compositions for advertising, tv, radio, online, feature and documentary films.